Why Choose Modular Built?

Reduced Environmental Impact

Reduce waste, speed up build time, and reduce on-site pollution.

Reduced Construction Time

Live in your home in as little as 30 days, compared to at least 6 months for site built.

Reduced Personal Stress

No endless build problems or costly weather delays to contend with.

Rural Properties

Pre-manufactured, yet highly customizable modular housing options are a practical, economical and sustainable choice for your rural property.


Modularly-built communities are master-planned and architecturally designed similarly to how any on-site built residence would be, however, all building is done within a quality-control manufacturing plant and then erected on-site in a matter of days.

Laneway Homes

Laneway homes are typically erected at the rear of an existing property on existing vacant land or can be built to replace a current structure such as a garden shed, carport or detached garage.

Recreational Property Homes

You have found and possibly purchased your dream recreational property, away from the hustle and bustle …and possibly also a ways away from a local contractor, access to building supplies and trades.

Social Housing

With today’s ever growing demand for housing, modular has become a sought-after building-style of property developers and those within the home rental market.

Environmental Advantages

Climate controlled factory building procedures ensure optimal insulations and vapor barrier installation. This provides a better insulated product that requires less energy to heat and cool.

Advantages for Developers

Modular construction poses a number of potential competitive advantages for commercial developers.

Advantages for Municipalities

With a long list of benefits, it is understandable why modular built communities are a growing trend!

What People Are Saying

The next house we build will be hands down a modular home. There was a real sense of security in that you don’t have to be the general contractor as everything is taken care of for you in the process, with enough hands on that we were a part of the process which was really satisfying.

- Deborah & Adam Hamilton

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It was a really great experience for us. They were very accomodating at moving walls, windows, and anything else we wanted. Any questions I had were answered within a day, and if we needed anything done they were here within two or three days, they've been amazing.

- Nadine & Dan Nickel

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