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Benefits of Modular for Municipalities

Building Code Compliant

Provincial Governments establish standards for residential construction based on the National Building Code (NBC) and provincial specific issues. Site-built homes are systematically inspected by local safety code officials to ensure compliance. Similarly, factory-built homes are inspected by third-party inspection authorities as required under the CSA A277 Quality Assurance Program and confirmed code compliant by an affixed label which includes key information regarding the construction of the home. As this label confirms the home is compliant with the building code, the local authority can concentrate on only those items completed on site. All factory-built homes with this certification are constructed to the NBC as adopted by the provincial and local governments for the home’s permanent location.

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Financing Factory-Built Homes

Common Misconceptions about Factory-Built Homes

Misconception #1 – Foundations for Factory-Built Homes Are Not Permanent

Fact: All foundations constructed for factory-built homes are approved code compliant foundations as described in the National and Provincial Building Codes.

Misconception #2 – Factory-Built Homes Depreciate in Value

Fact: Factory-built homes do not depreciate in value. All homes; no matter the location of the home site, require maintenance and remodeling as time goes on. The difference is the value of the land only and even saying that, a home set up in a land lease community also appreciates when land values increase as the placement of the home itself is seen as an added value.

Misconception #3 – Site-Built Homes have Different Building Codes than Factory-Built Homes

Fact: The National Building Code – 2019 Alberta Edition, in Saskatchewan, National Building Code 2015 and in Manitoba, NBC 2010 plus NBC Revision 2012 (Section 9.36), applies the same requirements to site-built and factory-constructed buildings. CSA A277-16, “Procedure for Certification of Prefabricated Buildings, Modules and Panels” was developed to ensure that residential, commercial and industrial buildings constructed off-site meet the same standard required by the province where the building is located. Construction to the building code includes ensuring factory-built homes also meet the requirements of 9.36 Energy Efficiency; therefore, built to the climate zone conditions as required by the provinces’ building code

Misconception #4 – Factory-Built Housing Configurations are Different

Fact: The type of housing constructed is determined by the building code to which it complies and is definitively described using the following common housing configurations: single detached, semi-detached or multi-family, single level or multi-storey.

Misconception #5 – Factory-Built Homes Do Not Provide New Home Buyers Warranty Protection

Fact: All factory-built homes include new home buyer protection as required or in excess of the home warranty legislated by the province the home is constructed for.

Creates Time and Cost-Effective Solutions for Developers and Home Buyers

Manufacturers have teams of staff working in environmentally controlled manufacturing facilities who work at stations. This just-in-time style of building ensures that every step of the build is properly prepped and materials are readily available exactly when required to keep downtimes to a minimum and increase quality of workmanship = cost savings to developer, that are in turn passed along to the consumer.

Generates Peace of Mind

Were you aware that all factory-built homes must meet the same stringent building code regulations as site-build structures and are covered by equivalent new home warranty programs?

Similar to any site-built home, factory-built homes must be built to meet the same stringent building codes. Off-site constructed homes sometimes referred to as RTM or Modular, must be built and labeled with the CSA – A277 Standard label which indicates the building is certified and meets provincial building codes.


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