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What type of Certification should I look for when purchasing a modular or manufactured home?

Manufacturing facilities that build modular and/or manufactured homes are certified by a certification body (CSA, Intertek or Quality Auditing Institute) that certifies the homes comply with Canadian Standards. This procedure enables each manufacturing facility to build fully finished homes, place a Certification Label on each home certifying compliance to the CSA Z240MH National Mobile Home Standard or the CSA A277 Standard, and place a Certification label on each modular home, certifying compliance to the NBCC or Provincial Building Code.

CSA certification ensures each manufacturing facility maintains strict quality control and inspection programs and utilizes well trained labour, a design staff with thorough building code knowledge, and skilled inspectors that monitor and inspect each home at each stage of the production process. In addition, Certification personnel conduct periodic inspections of the homes being produced in each factory. A numbered Certification Label is placed in each home and a serial number is assigned to each home. A permanent record of the Certification Label number, the serial number, and the specifications of each home produced is maintained by the manufacturer.

Factory Built Home Maintenance Guide

Congratulations on the purchase of your new factory built home! The purpose of the initial portion of this document is to inform the owner of a factory built home about special considerations pertaining to the foundation, structure, unique maintenance items, and to act as a supplement to the generic single family home maintenance documents provided by your home warranty provider, and possibly the manufacturer of your home.

The information and recommendations in the following pages will help you enjoy and protect your investment. As a homeowner you have a responsibility to maintain your home. Please note that failure to maintain the home and mitigate damage could be cause for denial of a warranty claim. Establishing and following a maintenance schedule is the best way to manage your household maintenance budget, protect your investment, and prevent future complications.