Modular vs Manufactured

Manufactured Homes

CSA Z240 MH is the CSA National Standard for Manufactured (Mobile) Home Construction. CSA Z240 MH is in effect, a building code for manufactured (mobile) homes.

Alberta does not accept homes constructed to the CSA Z240 MH Standard.  Although, some municipalities; where bylaws have not been updated to reflect this information, might require both labels for the home. Since 1992 new homes constructed to the CSA Z240 standard whether built in Alberta or out of province cannot be sited in Alberta, while existing Z240 homes within Alberta are still allowed to be moved from one municipality to another at the discretion of the destination municipality. Many municipalities in other provinces might limit where a CSA Z240 MH Standard home can be located. Consumers should check with their local municipal officials and/or the zoning bylaw before purchasing a CSA Z240 MH constructed home.

Building Officials from the jurisdiction where the homes are being located are responsible for the building inspection process. Homes constructed in a manufacturing facility that is certified to build homes to the CSA A277 or CSA Z240 MH Standard are certified by one of the three inspection agencies accredited to certify to the applicable CSA Standard.

The Certification Organizations; CSA, Intertek and Quality Auditing Institute (QAI) are accredited by the Standards Council of Canada to perform compliance inspections within the manufacturing facility.

To ensure the home has been constructed to the National Building Code (NBC) as adopted by the provinces or CSA Z240 MH Standard, the local building official looks for the Label inside the door of the electrical panel to determine code compliance. If the Label is issued by one of the three noted accredited inspection agencies and it indicates CSA A277 Modular, it is in compliance with the National Building Code (NBC) as adopted by the provinces.  If the label indicates CSA Z240 MH Standard, the municipal building official will confirm this Standard is permitted by the municipality.

Modular Homes

The CSA A277 Standard is a Certification Standard (not a building code). This Standard is used to certify the residential building is in compliance to the National Building Code (NBC) as adopted by the provinces and applied via CSA A277 Procedure for Certification of Prefabricated Buildings, Modules and Panels, where the home will be located.

In the case of Alberta, all homes must meet the National Building Code as adopted by the province and therefore, the A277 Standard.