Who We Are

MHAPP - Who We Are

Established in 1976, The Modular Housing Association Prairie Provinces (MHAPP) today represents approximately 150 members from all aspects of the modular housing industry including manufacturers, show home centres, multi-unit project builders, transporters, lease land community owners and developers, and industry suppliers of goods and services.

Our association is governed by a 15 member Board of Directors consisting of:

  • 5 Manufacturer Members
  • 5 Show Home Centre Members
  • 2 Community and Developer Members
  • 1 Supplier Member
  • 2 Directors at Large

What We Do

Government Liaison

Work with all levels of Government regarding building codes, land-use bylaws, zoning, financing programs, and consumer concerns. Work to improve market access opportunities for modular built construction.

Building Codes

Work with provincial technical committees, Canadian Standards Association, and the National Research Council to promote safety standards in housing and modular-built homes.


Promote safety while transporting factory-built homes. Working to harmonize the conditions for the movement of factory-built homes across the Prairie Provinces.

Community Issues

Work to ensure fairness to both landlords and tenants, and to improve opportunities for development of land lease communities for the factory-built industry.


Work with financial institutions, mortgage brokers and mortgage insurers to improve consumer financing options.

Image Enhancement

Work to enhance the image of factory-built homes and construction through positive public relations and education.


Produce and distribute quarterly newsletter and timely information. Maintain a library of related issues, statistics, videos, and general industry knowledge. Maintain a website promoting members, the factory-built housing industry and provide industry related links.


Provide community manual and community management training programs, a course develop sales professionals as well as provide information to keep sales teams up-to-date regarding industry changes and other training and information programs.