Regulatory Requirements and Compliance

The purpose of this presentation material is to provide municipal officials in the Prairie Provinces with information on:

  • factory-constructed buildings in Canada today
  • building regulatory requirements that apply to factory-constructed buildings in the Prairie Provinces,
  • both technical and administrative and current issues and solutions.
MHAPP - Who We Are

There are three main issues that face the factory-constructed building industry in the Prairies today:

  • the acceptance of foundations and anchorage that comply with CSA Z240.10.1 which provides requirements for surface foundations and is referenced in the National Building Code
  • permitting, inspection and acceptance of homes constructed in accordance with the National Building Code
  • discriminatory bylaws.

Foundations and Anchorage are discussed in Module 4 Permitting, inspection and acceptance of prefabricated homes are discussed in Module 6. Municipal bylaws are discussed in Module 7 along with some other challenges that are faced across the country.

The Information is Provided in Eight Modules

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Overview & the first 3 modules will provide:

Module 4 - Applicable Technical Requirements

Modules 5 & 6 describe:

Module 7 - Challenges