Benefits of Membership

MHAPP - Who We Are

What’s in it for you?

The MHAPP ensures its members stay current on issues that influence the factory-built housing industry. This is achieved through quarterly newsletters, the website, electronic communication as well as through various meetings and training sessions held throughout each year. Key networking opportunities are also gained by attending meetings and events facilitated by the MHAPP. In addition, the MHAPP ‘s members benefit from many programs and resources provided by the Association.

Information & Help

Members are given access to a large database of manuals, training programs, videos, information guides and other resources to ensure members are kept up to date on everything within the factory-built housing industry. Our association provides regular newsletters and updates to our website, along with providing members opportunities to take part in various training workshops and annual industry meetings.

Construction & Building Codes

Members have access to information related to the latest building code/safety code Acts and Regulations and are kept up to date on any changes to legislation applying to the factory-built industry. The MHAPP provides Land Use Planning documents and as an organization, works alongside government to provide input to the National Building Code as adopted by the provinces.  MHAPP, through affiliation with the National Association, also works with the Canadian Standards Association and National Research Council to aid in promoting safety standards within the factory-built housing markets.


The MHAPP offers consolidated marketing and promotions program to all members. Attendance at affiliate and Government Association trade shows to promote both the factory-built industry and its members.  The MHAPP provides regional brochures, an electronic membership directory and promotional banners in which members are listed and promoted. When becoming a member, your company will receive the MHAPP Proud Member logo for promotion on your organization’s material to showcase your membership status as part of this highly reputable association.

Government Liaison

As a member-driven association, the MHAPP lobbies as a direct voice to Government Departments, Ministers and local Municipalities. We work with key stakeholders on bylaws, zoning, warranty, restrictive laws and regulations as well as, lobby for the benefit of advancing the growth of the factory-built industry.


Members receive constant access and invitations to expand their industry skills and knowledge. Through contact with their Board of Directors, periodic seminars and workshops, webinar training opportunities and networking to annual general meetings and regional information sessions, members have countless opportunities to connect with area Manufacturers, Show Home Centres, Transporters, Communities, Developers, Suppliers, government officials and affiliate organizations.

Financing & Legal Support

Through becoming a member, you will have access to an industry specific business insurance program. The MHAPP works hard to create relationships with financial and insurance institutions to allow unique opportunities only available to members of this association. As an organization, the MHAPP aids you in protecting your investment and providing you with legal support in the terms of interpretation of policies, bylaws, acts and laws as well as, championing the Provincial Standard Customer Sales Agreements developed by the MHAPP.

Other Benefits

You can rest assured in becoming a member of this trusted association, you will be working with experienced professionals. Apart from the other benefits lists, members also receive the following:

  • Low Annual Membership Fees
  • Preferred Rates for Annual General Meeting and Seminars
  • Every ‘member in good standing’ with the Association may vote either personally or by alternate at all meetings of the Association
  • Volunteer Board of Directors
  • Promotion of Industry within the public eye