Why Choose Modular Built?

Why Choose Modular?

Fully Customizable

Modular refers to a method of construction, not a type of home. Single family homes, town homes, duplexes, multi-plexes and two-story homes can all be built using modular components.

Modular constructed homes are built based on the National Building Code (NBC) as adopted by the provinces and applied via CSA A277 Procedure for Certification of Prefabricated Buildings, Modules and Panels, within quality controlled, process-driven environments using specialized equipment designed to reduce material loss and shorten conventional construction time frames.

The controlled environment prevents weathering and provides superior energy performance over a site-built home.

Energy Efficient & Streamlined

The controlled environment prevents weathering and provides superior energy performance over a site-built home. Assembly line procedures *optimize insulation and air vapour barrier installation thus resulting in a tighter insulated envelope requiring less energy to heat and cool the completed structure. The use of warehouse assembly line construction also eliminates any potential for on-site vandalism and neighbourhood construction debris during the building and finishing phases of your home.

*Case Study Air Tightness Comparison

Regulated Building Process

Our members strictly adhered to building processes ensuring home construction timelines are kept on track utilizing highly skilled trades people along every step of the way. As many as twelve separate inspection stages are performed on each home from electrical circuit tests, plumbing tests and water line tests to high pressure compressed air, finishing and exterior tests.

What People Are Saying

The next house we build will be hands down a modular home. There was a real sense of security in that you don’t have to be the general contractor as everything is taken care of for you in the process, with enough hands on that we were a part of the process which was really satisfying.

- Deborah & Adam Hamilton

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It was a really great experience for us. They were very accomodating at moving walls, windows, and anything else we wanted. Any questions I had were answered within a day, and if we needed anything done they were here within two or three days, they've been amazing.

- Nadine & Dan Nickel

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